When you or your loved one has been diagnosed with an illness, it may seem difficult to move ahead. When times get heavy and your choices seem few, hospice care can help. West Coast Hospice emphasizes palliative care, which involves reducing pain and suffering while helping individuals and families cope during demanding times.


Where Is Hospice Care Provided

Hospice care is provided to patients where they reside. We can come to your home, assisted living center, skilled nursing facility, long term facility, or even the hospital.

What Type Of Care Is Provided

Each of the four levels of care are designed to meet each patients specific needs. Our team of healthcare professionals work together in establishing a plan of care to treat all symptoms in a comfortable setting.

Who Is Eligible

All individuals with any end-stage diagnosis, or any patient whose primary medical physician certifies a prognosis of a limited life expectancy.

West Coast Hospice’s staff is a team of licensed, certified, and trained professionals who love what they do and seek to provide quality of care to you and your loved ones.View Services