Volunteer Program

Volunteer Overview Our hospice volunteers provide non-medical visits to patients and family members and provide the following services:

– Companionship
– Caregiver Relief
– Music Therapy, including Live Music
– Listening
– Reading to a patient
– Art & Crafts
– Video Diary Program

Music Therapy

Patient’s listen to live music in the comfort of their own home. Our musicians are classically trained and perform and teach music all over the world. Our musicians play the clarinet, violin, percussion, and the piano. We also have opera singers!

Art & Crafts

Our volunteers meet regularly to make hats, gloves, lap blankets, scarves and other items to add a little warmth to the lives of our patients.

Video Diary Program

West Coast Hospice Care Center believes that your life’s narrative is an important and valuable piece of history for your family, friends, and community at large. This priceless memento can be shared and enjoyed by the family members and can offer comfort and joy during times of grief.

If you’re interested in become a volunteer, please fill out the form below and someone will be in contact with you with more details regarding volunteering.